Posted by: sweetpea | June 3, 2005

Summer evenings….

I called at the allotment on my way home yesterday just to drop off the scythette, only I ended up staying till after 7pm! It was such a lovely warm evening, I couldn’t drag myself away. I planted loads of seeds (carrots, fennel, swede, turnip, sunflowers, lavender, chamomile, borage, nasturtiums, marigolds, lettuce, spinach) although I’m not sure I can remember exactly where I planted them all. Luckily I know what sunflower seedlings look like, I planted them in random spaces, so won’t mistake them for weeds. And I think I planted everything else in rows, so they should be easily identifiable.
Oh! and I picked loads of spinach, which is doing really well, and had it in my stir-fry last night


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