Posted by: sweetpea | June 23, 2005

Lottie news and what I’ve learned so far…

Spent a lovely hour and a half at the allotment last night after work, mainly weeding, they seem to have multiplied since the rain at the weekend.
Strangely my waterbut doesn’t seem to have filled up any, which I’d have expected after such a deluge of rain. So either there was a gap in the clouds over my shed, or someone has been pinching my water! Probably neither, but it means I’m going to have to figure out a way of transporting water from the taps to my waterbut. I have a funny feeling my hosepipe isn’t quite long enough, but will have a go tonight.

Crop update:
Potatoes: doing well, not quite ready to dig up yet though.
Spinach: has been doing a little to well, and is now bolting!
Onions: seem to be OK
Garlic: doesn’t seem to be swelling as it should, not sure whether I should be watering it, although I read somewhere that you shouldn’t as it causes it to rot.
Runner beans: these have finally found the canes I put in and working their way up.
French beans: half of them have been eaten so will have to plant some more tonight.
Beetroot: seedlings doing good, thinned them out a little.
Lettuce: I have 1 lettuce! only noticed this when I removed the giant poppy that was growing over it!
Courgette: not doing so well, I have a funny feeling I ain’t going to be looking for homes for surplus courgettes this year!
Squash: after the disaster of squashing my original seedlings, the new seedlings are just appearing 🙂
Sweetcorn: these are just starting to come up.
Tomatoes: they haven’t died yet so that’s good, must remember to water them.
Peppers: as for tomatoes.
Aubergines: as for tomatoes.
Fennel: the first lot I sowed got eaten, so now have a second lot just coming up.
Leeks: these seem to be doing ok although not growing very fast.
Turnips/Swede: got some seedlings, but think something’s been nibbling at them 😦
Peas: these are just coming into flower, so hopefully will have fresh peas soon 🙂

Gosh, that was a longer list than I thought!

Lessons learnt this year so far:
1) Don’t plant things so close together, plants need space too!
2) Water, water, water……
3) Mulch, mulch, mulch… will be trying lasagne gardening next year I think
4) Don’t try carrying squash and courgette seedlings in bike panniers…they get squashed!
5) Don’t plant as many potatoes!
6) keep a diary of what/when/where and weather etc. for future reference.
7) Get started earlier in the year!

Oh! and one last thing, I bottled up the elderflower cordial I made on saturday, yummy 🙂



  1. That is a _fantastic_ list!

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