Posted by: sweetpea | June 24, 2005


Yesterday I went to the lottie wondering how on earth I was going to water everything without having to traipse back and forth to the water tap.
I thought of 2 solutions:
a) that the hosepipe in the shed might just be long enough to reach from the tap to refill my waterbut, and
b) if that failed, using the wheelbarrow to cart water back from the tap.
I decided to work out which tap was closest by pacing, tap 1 was 54 paces and tap 2 58 paces, so not much in it. Then I got the hosepipe out and quickly realized just by looking at it that there was no way it was going to be long enough.
So plan b it is then…. but then I hadn’t thought of plan c:
c) kind neighbour offers use of his hosepipe which is very long and already connected to tap πŸ™‚

So I got to water all my plants easily, and filled up a waterbut πŸ™‚


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