Posted by: sweetpea | June 29, 2005

I passed!

Got my RHS (Horticulture) exam results this morning, and I passed, yay!
Also had my first new potatoes from the lottie last night and they were fab, definitely much nicer than shop bought ones. I did think I would have trouble eating them all myself, but I recon I’ll quite enjoy it now, and will have trouble giving any away!



  1. Firstly Hello
    Secondly Congratulations
    Thirdly I used to have an allotment many years ago and I now miss it reading your blog!
    Fourthly I think I will try to get another one. (I could spend the rest of the year getting it in shape for next year)

    Chris aka

  2. Why thank you Merman, and hello.
    You should definitely try and get another, especially as you have past experience. Mine still looks very wild, haven’t managed to tame it all yet, even after 3 years!

  3. Woo! and Yay! to passing.

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