Posted by: sweetpea | July 6, 2005

New neighbours

I have 3 neighbours at the allotment. On the right hand side is a lovely family with 2 young boys, they’re allotment looks reasonably tidy and full of veg. The one behind mine is occupied by a young man, being as there’s an apple tree in the way I rarely see him. The plot on the left hand side was until recently occupied by an elderly gentleman, who was nice enough apart from the fact that he had a wind-up radio and used to play MinsterFM, spoiling the peace and quiet I go to the allotment for. Luckily he usually appeared around lunchtimes, so I learnt to avoid those times if possible.
This year I haven’t seen the elderly guy at all, so I assumed he’d had to give up the plot. I was right, cause I now have some new neighbours, Jack and Naree and their little toddler. I haven’t actually met them yet, but received an email telling me what their plans were and that part of it involved asking me if I’d mind moving the entrance of my plot. This is fair enough being as I have to go through their plot to get to mine at the moment.
These new neighbours sound really organised and have already got it all worked out, web site and all! Which means I’m going to have to get organized or my plot will look like a real mess between two well kept plots. I like the natural look, but there are limits!
I mentioned in my email to my new neighbours that I had a huge list of things to do but little time, and Jack replied saying that they might be able to help. I thought this was really nice of them, but I think I’d rather do it myself with help from Steve, wouldn’t want to miss out on the fun!



  1. Nobody has lawns on their allotment.

    Do they?

  2. I find that webpage strangly disturbing. When I get a plot I will use a small tatty notebook:)


  3. there are plots down there with ponds, gnomes, a slide…

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