Posted by: sweetpea | July 19, 2005

Allotment update

At the weekend I had another go with the scythette and I seem to be getting the hang of it slowly. Think I still have a lot to learn with the sharpening though.
I managed to cut the grass from around all my beds, so you can actually see them now!
I also met 2 of my new neighbours, Naree and the toddler Hamish. Both very nice, Naree is Thai I think.
Bought some Rat poison on saturday. Spent a good while battling with my conscience, deciding between a live rat trap and the poison. The poison won in the end because I don’t have the time to check a trap regularly enough, and I would have to rely on someone (Steve I suspect) to transport it elsewhere. I now have to wrap the poison up in clingfilm before shoving it down the burrows.


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