Posted by: sweetpea | July 25, 2005


Saturday we headed to Filey for a day at the seaside, unfortunately the weather wasn’t exactly beach weather, but it was a great day out all the same. We arrived lunchtime and started off with fish and chips, some juggling by the 2 Steve’s and watching a family cricket game. Then we walked to the brig, looking through the rockpools on the way. We found the usual mussels, whelks, limpets and the odd crab, but also sea anemones, hermit crabs, some common blennys, AND a pipefish which was really cool, think it was a young greater pipefish, but forgot to take a photo so not 100% sure. Once we reached the brig we saw the waves breaking against the rocks chucking huge sprays into the air, fantastic to watch, and fun to try and capture on camera. The rock formations were really interesting too, some of the rockpools were in holes which appeared to have been excavated into the rocks, I guess by rocks that had become trapped within them. I haven’t explained them very well at all, but they were fantastic.
As the tide started to come in rather rapidly we headed back to the beach for games. Tried to get Steve’s kite to fly, but the wind was too changeable. Steve, Steve and Niall went in for a swim, I wasn’t as brave and only managed up to my knees! Then we had a game of frisbee 🙂 before heading for some waffles and back home.


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