Posted by: sweetpea | August 1, 2005

Progress at the lottie

Mum came up for a visit this weekend, so I decided to make good use of her. In return I cooked her 2 delicious meals, and gave her a well deserved massage to loosen up all those aching muscles 🙂

So what did we get up to I hear you ask…..


Mum arrived lunchtime, so I quickly made some sarnies (I wasn’t organised to make them before she arrived! especially since I’d been finishing cleaning my room ready for her arrival!) and we headed off to the lottie. All morning it had been dry, but it looked like rain, I was being optimistic in thinking it’d hold off. By the time we arrived at Lottie it had of course started to rain, so we ate our sarnies in the car , whilst watching a guy fill his barrow up with manure as high as he could, he was definitely bent on getting his money’s worth!

I had decided that the aim of the weekend was to try and clear as much vegetation as possible from my somewhat overgrown lottie.

What inspired this?

My new neighbours Jack and Naree, who’ve spent the past couple of weeks clearing their plot completely, and so mine was looking even more of a mess!

Jack and Naree’s plot in the foreground, mine is in the background.

I set mum to work with the scythette, still having trouble with the sharpening! I set to work with some secateurs and a pair of shears, clearing along one of the fences. Mum eventually gave up on the grass so she went on to do some weeding before going to tidy the shed up out of the rain. This was great, because I always hate tidying the shed, so it’s always a mess until mum visits again 🙂 I carried on with my relentless battle against the brambles, bindweed, goosegrass, couchgrass and ground elder, getting wetter and wetter, but determined that I wasn’t going to give into the rain. My goal was to reach the greenhouse, and I made it 🙂

Having had enough of the rain we headed off to tesco’s and then home where I cooked a lovely mushroom risotto to have with salmon. Mmmmm, I have to admit it was rather nice. We we’re both tired and ready for bed, I decided not to go to Naill’s party on the grounds that I was to tired to be much fun socially, and it was still raining. Apparently it was a fab party so I’m rather gutted I missed it, but I’m sure there’ll be others.


Sunday it was my turn to man the allotment store for a couple of hours, so we were up nice and early ready to be there by 10am. Mum went off to do some digging at the lottie, while I awaited my customers. Rather a slow and cold morning, not many customers, but I got to read my ‘Grow your own’ magazine. Quite a nice read, but they REALLY need to proof read before publishing, my spelling and grammar isn’t that fantastic, but even I could do better!

I was really glad to get back to the lottie to warm up. Was impressed by how much mum had done in the 2hrs, but she was aching, so I suggested a few less strenuous jobs. My aim for the afternoon was to carry on with the clearing I’d done Saturday. Being as it was dry and the sun eventually came out, it was a much more enjoyable afternoon.

I started at the back of the plot, and had a real battle to clear the brambles and bindweed. That’s about the only good thing I can say about ground elder, at least it’s easy to cut. There was loads of mint growing there too, so it smelled lovely 🙂 I decided to cut down the 2 gooseberry bushes mum had spotted on her last visit. They were in the way and hadn’t had any fruit on them. Once I’d finished the back, which was quite a big job, I quickly tidied up along the other remaining side fence. Mum then helped me lay some Anti-weed matting down at the far end. I bought a 5mx5m piece thinking it’d cover a large enough area. Let’s just say I underestimated rather a lot, and will have to keep an eye out for carpets and large cardboard boxes in skips from now on as I’d rather not spend any more on the matting.

So now the lottie looks much better. I have a couple of piles of stuff to burn. The only bit left to clear is at the front next to the shed, maybe I’ll tackle that next weekend 🙂 And also have to make a decision on the greenhouse which is very run down and infested with bindweed and brambles!

Mum and I headed home for a roast dinner including new potatoes, courgette, french and runner beans all grown by me 🙂 very yummy it was too.

I’m guessing you might like some photo’s. Unfortunately I forgot to take before photo’s on the day, but have put in some previous ones so you can see the difference.

Overgrown lottie (11/07/2005), you can see why I needed to do something!

Starting to look much more like a lottie after my first attempts at cutting the grass (16/07/2005)

Steve working hard cutting the grass at the back (26/07/2005)

At the end of Saturday (30/07/2005), the fence on the right cleared.



Closer look at the fence I cleared, it was all covered in grass and brambles!

My runner beans, and the wildflowers Steve gave me

The bit that mum dug.

The back of the lottie, brambles and bindweed all gone, replaced by some anti-weed membrane (compare it to the photo with Steve above)

Pile of stuff ready to burn.

More stuff to burn, and the patch at the front I didn’t quite have time to do!



  1. blinking flip! that’s great progress at the back! I think you did the right think not pussyfooting round the gooseberry bushes.

  2. Yes, I thought so too, just need to keep on top of it now :-)–>

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