Posted by: sweetpea | August 21, 2005

Sweden here we come….

Today Steve and I started our Swedish holiday, yay 🙂
Had a relaxed morning finishing my packing and sorting out a few last things, then lunch and off to the station. Waiting for our train I suddenly realized I’d left my jacket on the bus! Made a quick phone call to mum to ask if she would ring up the bus company later. Hoped it wasn’t an omen for the journey to come!
We arrived on time at the airport, and after faffing about a bit finding the right check-in desks, we did the usual boring waiting around, and eventually got on the plane. A Swedish girl sat next to us gave us some good tips for Stockholm, and the meal was surprisingly good.
Arrived in Stockholm on time and caught the Arlanda express into the centre, and then the tube. Tired and happy we eventually arrived at the ‘Gustaf af Klint’ and our bed for the night. It’s a hostel on a boat, so we had bunks in a cabin, small and a bit cramped, but with a porthole 🙂


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