Posted by: sweetpea | August 22, 2005


We woke up early and left the hostel by 7.40 to catch our 8.20 train to Linköping. I felt pretty crap for most of the 2hr journey due to the early start and travel sickness I think.
Arriving in Linköping, Steve did a fantastic job of finding the way to the hostel. Not having booked, we were lucky that they had a cancellation, so we booked 2 nights. Our room was more like a hotel room than a hostel, en suite and TV! Somehow we managed to cope with the little extra luxury 🙂
Whilst on the train we decided to abandon our plans for the day and instead have a day of chilling out with a little wondering around Linköping. A little wondering turned into a lot of wondering around, and chilling out became tiring out! We walked to the cathedral, and then tried to find the tourist info as I’d found out that they were our best bet for hiring a bike for the day. We found the TI alright, but it turned out that they only had 2 bikes for hire, and one of those was already out! So we had to go back to walking everywhere being as we were told that there wasn’t anywhere else within the city that hired bikes. This was quite surprising being as there were so many bikes everywhere, but maybe it’s because the main tourists they get are Swedish and maybe they all take their bikes on holiday with them, so there is no demand for hiring bikes.
Next we headed to the Kinda Kanal, and seeing that there was a café within walking distance, we headed in that direction, only to find it was shut. It was Monday of course!
Hungry and tired by now we decided to try out public transport and head back into town, except we ended up walking again! But at least we found some food and a welcome rest 🙂
Having decided to hire a car tomorrow, we next headed out to the car hire place, and after a little confusion with misleading signs we booked a car for the next morning @ 11am giving us a nice lie in. Back at the station we took a bus to Gamla Linköping (Old Linköping) which is a bit like Sain Ffagan in Wales. Basically they moved a whole load of typical buildings from around the city to this one place to create a living museum. It was really nice, but finished us off in terms of walking, so we headed back to the hostel for a well earned rest.
Considering it was supposed to have been a day of rest, we fitted a lot in!



  1. KronA’s excellent joke…

    What’s that bit of water over there?
    It’s some kind-a canal.

    Ok… it’s not very good.

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