Posted by: sweetpea | August 23, 2005

Locks, runes and views

I woke up at 7am but didn’t get up till 9ish cause we’re on holiday, yay!
After lounging around and gathering our things we set off to find breakfast in Linköping before picking up the hire car at 11am. It was a dinky little green car, Steve said it’s the same as what he had in oz, but I can’t remember what that was now!
So off we headed, driving on the right side out of Linköping towards Berg. We were going there simply to see the Carl Johansen locks, of which there are 7, on the Göta canal. Having seen the locks we did a bit of a walk and found an old church to wonder around. They have hedges in their graveyards separating the rows of gravestones, very neat!
Heading back to the canal we decided to try a different route. We could see where we wanted to get to but couldn’t see a path. Sweden has a right to roam policy on access to land, so long as you don’t cause damage etc you are free to go wherever, or pretty much so. Us Brits are used to being told where we can and can’t go, so we found it a little too daunting to just head straight across a field to our destination. Instead we headed a little bit further up the track and eventually found another track going in the right direction. I think that was probably the right decision.
Having made it back to the canal, we said hello to some tiny ponies and pygmy goats at the pet’s corner before watching a boat go through the locks, and grabbing lunch. A lot of the restaurants here seem to have one set meal per day of the week at lunchtime at least, and they don’t seem to do much in the way of vegetarian meals either. But it’s all fantastic home cooking so I’m not complaining. No greasy fast food in sight 🙂
After lunch we headed towards Rök to see the best example of a Rune stone in Sweden*, a 9th century one at that. On the way we stopped to see an iron age burial ground and rune stone on account of me navigating and missing the turning!
Next we headed off to see a ruined monastery, which was very nice, swarms of damselflies and sparrows! A viewpoint on Omberg was next, after we walked to the top we saw magnificent views over the surrounding countryside and lake Vättern.
Being as it was now getting late, we headed to Vadstena to find food, have a wonder around the town taking photos of the sunset, before heading back to Linköping to drop off the car and walk back to the hostel.

* I think



  1. It was a Groovy Gooseberry!

    also known as Daewoo Matiz

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