Posted by: sweetpea | August 24, 2005

Linköping to Öland

I must remember to put on Mozzie spray next time we go out at dusk because I got eaten alive this evening whilst we were visiting an iron age burial mound.
We left Linköping early this morning by train, a journey of 3hrs through the Småland countryside – reminded me a lot of Canada. Arriving in Kalmar around lunchtime we stopped for lunch then went in search of the tourist info. After walking in a full circle we discovered that it was actually right next to the station! Kalmar itself wasn’t that impressive compared to Linköping, not that much to see.
We decided whilst traveling down that it might be a good idea to hire a car again to see Öland, and as it wasn’t too expensive that’s what we did. We have the car for 3 days, and will use it to drive to the ferry at Oskershamn on Saturday.
Leaving Kalmar, we drove over the bridge to Öland – very long bridge, longest in Europe when it was built in 1970’s – and down to Mörbylånga, found a hostel and had a wee rest.
Deciding to go and see some sights before eating, we drove out to Mysingehög and saw windmills and iron age burial mounds, and were attacked my mozzies. We were able to go inside one of the windmills, something you wouldn’t be able to do in the UK. The scenery here is actually quite barren looking scrubland on account of the Alvaret, there is very little soil depth over the base rock so most of the trees are stunted in their growth.
Then we headed into Färjestaden to find tea, and back to the hostel listening to what sounded like Cuban music.


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