Posted by: sweetpea | August 25, 2005

Eketorps borg and Ottenby

Today it felt like we’d been on our hols for ages, even though it hasn’t even been a week yet.
After a lie-in, quick breakfast, and grocery stop, our first stop was an Iron-age fort at Bårbyborg.  It was quite interesting, but didn’t lend itself well to photo’s.  Steve spotted a Swedish viper which was exciting.
Next we drove on Southwards to Gettlinge Gärdstorp, an Iron Age burial site with standing stones and a stone ship setting (boat shaped burial ground). And of course there was a windmill too.  It was all very impressive and we did consider returning at sundown to see the shadows, except it ended up raining.
We stopped at Degerhamn for a fish lunch, as we’ve come to expect, it was simple and very tasty. Whilst reading about Eketorps borg, our next stop, I noticed there was an English guided tour starting in 15 mins, so we dashed off across the island and made it just in time.
Eketorps borg is a reconstruction of a fort from the middle ages.  Our guide was great, and we ended up having a very interesting 11/2hr tour. I did start to drift off towards the end though!
Backtracking slightly we visited a fishing ‘village’ at Gräsgård fiskershamn and then a rune stone at Seby.  Finally we headed back down south to Ottenby and our beds for the night, passing on the way the Charles X wall.  We’re staying in a hostel that looks like an old scout camp and there is only one other couple here, and it’s raining!  It’s meant to brighter again tomorrow though.
Today was fairly breezy and not that warm when you’re wearing shorts!


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