Posted by: sweetpea | August 26, 2005

Länge Jon, medieval fortresses and more windmills!

This morning we hired bikes at the hostel to go and see a lighthouse.  They were Dutch style bikes with back peddle breaks, took some getting used to, but I enjoyed riding mine once I’d got the hang of it!
We cycled through Ottenby nature reserve, essentially woodland with some open areas, and saw some deer.  We then headed towards Länge Jon, which is Sweden’s tallest lighthouse at 42m.  climbed up it and saw great views from the top.  It’s a great place for birds, mum would have loved it, loads of swans and eider ducks on the sea.
After returning the cycles to the hostel, we headed to Seby to see the grave fields.  For lunch we stopped at Blå portet in Alby and had a local dish of potato dumplings.  Very nice, but a little too heavy for me so Steve had to help me finish them off.  The guy running the place was quite amusing, very enthusiastic talking in Swedish, English and German and showing us his library.
Next was Gråborg, a medieval period fortress still with its arched entrance intact, and St Knut chapel.  At Åkerby we saw a fantastic grass roofed house.  At Lerkaka (love the name) we saw a row of 5 windmills and a rune stone.  Finally we headed for Ismanstorp borg, another medieval fortress,   but this time there are the remains off 88 houses within it.
Arriving at our hostel for the night, we had tea, and decided to check out a fantastic minigolf course we’d spotted.  Alas, we arrived 5mins too late!  It’s an early night tonight as we have an early start tomorrow to catch the ferry.



  1. I think that’s Långe Jan 🙂

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