Posted by: sweetpea | August 29, 2005

Fårö and the Langhammars

Last night I thought I was as knackered as I could be; tonight I’m even more tired!
After dropping the tandem off, we headed for the bus station to catch the bus to Fårösund.  We hired bikes, and took the free ferry over to Fårö.  I haven’t thought much to the Gotland countryside so far, but today I loved it.  We cycled in a loop around part of the island.  Along the way we sae quaint little thatched barns, a few windmills, interesting fences, and an old fishing village.
What we’d really come to see though was the limestone rock formations along the coast – the langhammars.  The first ones didn’t impress me, but as we carried on along the coast they became more and more fantastic.  The beaches were also littered with loads of sea fossils – coral, shells, sponges.
The only downside to today was the fact that we were cycling into a headwind the whole way; even the downhills were a hard slog.  And it would have been nice to have seen the langhammars at sunset, maybe next time.


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