Posted by: sweetpea | August 31, 2005

Dance museum and Gamla Stan

We left the ‘Gustaf af Klint’ this morning and made the trek to the ‘AF Chapman’ (another boat hostel).  My knees and hip are starting to complain from all the walking and carrying the backpack.  I’d be interested to know how heavy it is!
After dropping our packs at the hostel we headed to the tourist info to find out about boat trips to the archipelago.  Got slightly sidetracked when we were lured into the ‘Sweden shop’ by some fantastic music, I could have spent a fortune there!
After getting the info we wanted we searched for some lunch.  Our bellies full we headed to the dance museum, which turned out to be a large room with glass cabinets full of costumes and pictures.  There were also video clips, the one of the dying swan in ‘swan lake’ was amazing, I’d quite like to go and see it now.
After the museum we headed to Gamla Stan – the old city.  Saw the Royal palace, although you wouldn’t know it being as it doesn’t seem to have the same level of security as our Royal palaces have.  We passed through street of little souvenir, craft and clothes shops.
Eventually we both decided that we were too tired to keep walking, so we headed back to the hostel and had a rest for an hour before heading onshore for tea.  I’ve started to read a book about the Skerries of Stockholm, and have sneaked it back onto the boat so I can finish it during our stay.  It looks like a book I’d quite like to own as a reminder of how beautiful it is here, but I want to see the archipelago first.
Steve has gone salsa dancing again.  I would have liked to but a)I’m tired; b)I can’t dance in trainers: c)and most importantly I don’t want to strain my knee further! I expect he’ll have enough fun without me.


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