Posted by: sweetpea | September 1, 2005

Djurgärden and the Vasa

Woke up early again having been woke a few times in the night, first by Steve arriving back, then a new room mate arriving, and then several times when new room mate started sleep talking in German!! I was so glad Steve was here as I think I’d have been a bit freaked out otherwise!
After a good breakfast we headed over to Djurgärden and to the Vasa museum.  I wasn’t sure about going at first but Steve persuaded me and I was glad he did.  Basically the ‘Vasa’ is a ship from the 1600s that was brought up from the sea bed in Stockholm and has been conserved (a bit like the Mary Rose). It sank on its maiden voyage only having travelled a few hundred metres, and from the amount of intricate carving that had gone into it I bet the boat builders were horrified seeing her sink.  Turned out she was too top heavy!  A very interesting museum.  
After the Vasa we ate lunch in the park and had a little wonder.  I made a little boat which we eventually sailed on a pond.
A very enjoyable day apart from my legs and hip bothering me again.  We had tea at the hostel again, and I finished reading the Skerries book.
Tonight it’s earplugs I think!



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