Posted by: sweetpea | September 2, 2005

Island hopping in the archipelago

Another early start, this time to catch the 8.30 boat out to the archipelago.  The plan was to visit Vaxholm first, spend a couple of hours there and then take another boat out further into the archipelago to the island of Grinda.
We arrived on Vaxholm at 9.30 and started to winder around, only to find that everything was closed till 11.00.  We sat on a small jetty and decided to take an earlier boat out even further into the archipelago to Sandhamn and spend a couple of hours there instead.
The journey out took us through the many islands and skerries and reminded me of ‘Harmony in the Skerries’ I’d just finished reading.  Apart from the sound of the boats jet engines it was lovely and tranquil watching people out in their sailing yachts on their way to their very own secluded islands.
Arriving on Sandhamn we wondered to some rocks to eat lunch and then headed to the beach. We tried to memorise the map we’d seen, unfortunately they’d only put the paths needed on it.  We took a lovely path through the woods; the floor was covered in bilberry bushes which I collected to eat.  Steve took a fantastic photo of a fine example of fly agaric.  They seem to have much the same flora and fauna as we do in the UK.
The path seemed to be much longer than expected, but eventually we did reach the sea and a beach, just not the one we’d been aiming for! We had a paddle but the water was too cold for swimming. On the way back we got a little bit lost, all the paths looked the same, and we began to wish we’d marked out route! But eventually we found our way back to the harbour, just in time to catch the boat back to Stockholm.
Arriving back just after 5pm we checked into our new room at the hostel, packed our main rucksacks and headed for T-centralen to store them in a locker ready for the morning. As we wondered there we passed a samba show and an opera performance – quite a happening city.
Hungry we returned to the hostel and spent our last night eating and relaxing in the hostel bar before an early night, what a perfect ending to a fantastic holiday.


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