Posted by: sweetpea | September 4, 2005

back in blighty

Yesterday Steve and I arrived back from our hols in Sweden. I would love to say ‘yay’, but right now I’m not feeling terribly ‘yay’ about it at all. This morning I woke to a miserable drizzly day and so felt pretty miserable at being back having left a lovely sunny Stockholm 24 hrs earlier.
What kind of welcome back is that!
That’s the thing about going on hols abroad. When you get back the weather is usually always pretty crap so you end up feeling miserable and wishing you were still wherever it is you’ve been. If you go on hols in Britain, then the weather when you get home is likely to be pretty similar to what you left, so the post holiday blues don’t strike quite so hard, and usually you’re glad to be ‘home sweet home’.

Sweden is a fantastic place to visit if you ever get the chance, I’ll definately be returning at some point. I’m really missing everything already, not just the general ‘I’m on holiday, yay’ feeling, but also the food (fantastic), the people, hearing them speak (they sound so welsh), the weather, the relaxing, the feeling of contentment, and of course Steve’s company, who was a fantastic travelling companion helping me with my bags, being my physio when my knee and hip were playing up, and especially for being the interpreter and putting up with me being to shy to try and speak much Swedish.

While I was away I wrote a journal of the things we did, so I will endevour to add it to my blog at some point, hopefully this week, and I might even include some photos.

I’m going to pop down to the lottie now I think to potter and raise my spirits! Oh and it has turned out quite a nice sunny day after all the misery this morning, so that’s helping a lot.



  1. damn! I can’t believe I forgot to give you the flashcards and CD last night! I’ll bring them to salsa, remind me to give them to you!

  2. Yay! for Sweden.
    Boooo! for miserable weather 😦

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