Posted by: sweetpea | September 15, 2005

Sweetcorn protection

Yesterday after work I popped to the lottie for an hour to do some odd jobs.

  • I put down some more weed membrane.
  • I pruned back any stray bramble shoots I could find.
  • I checked for bindweed and ground elder growth and pulled up any I found.
  • I picked some ripe tomatoes, a beetroot and a couple of turnips.
  • I gave the tomatoes a feed.
  • I pulled off any remaining flower buds from the squashes so they can put all their energy into the developing fruit.

One other thing I did was cut up some plastic bottles in order to place them around the bottoms of my sweetcorn plants. The idea being that they will prevent mice etc. from climbing up and eating my sweetcorn. However after my efforts last night I’m not convinced it will work as I had difficulty pushing the ends into the soil.
The plan next year is to either use plastic bottles again or some drain pipe, but this time I’ll put the barrier in the ground securely first and then plant the seeds.

The Lottie looking much more tidy – 14/09/05
Evening sky over the lottie

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