Posted by: sweetpea | September 19, 2005

Luxury, top of the range cold frame

Saturday afternoon Steve and I spent 6hrs turning a door into a cold frame. I’m sure an hour of that was spent deciding how best to do it, and debating whether to use the door at all being as it was such a nice door. In the end we decided to go ahead with the original plan. Steve marked it out carefully and we set about cutting it up using a borrowed circular saw. It’s a scary looking tool so I left Steve to it except for having a little go just to see what is was like. Actually not as scary as it looked and very easy to use, you just have to remember to hold onto the right bits!.
Once cut, we assembled it with a drill and some screws, before disassembling it and popping it in the cinq to take it to the lottie. They didn’t ‘alf make good heavy doors in them old days! At the Lottie we reassembled it, and put the glass panes on top.

Even though I say so myself, I think we did a mighty fine job (or maybe I should say Steve did a fantastic job with me as his little helper).

I now have a luxury cold frame featuring a strong solid mahogany panelled frame and a double glazed lid. I think everyone else’s plants will be so jealous 🙂

Steve with the scary circular saw

The finished article

After building the cold frame Steve was half the man he once was..

I wonder if I can fit in it….

..yes I can 🙂



  1. I think it was about two and a half hours between beginning the debate and actually making the first cut… and we did have visitors too…

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