Posted by: sweetpea | September 21, 2005

more ideas

I’ve been thinking more about ways of deterring whatever is eating my sweetcorn.  I’m trying barriers in the form of plastic bottles, and taste deterrents in the form of chilli.
I’m now wondering how the culprit can tell when the sweetcorn is ready.  They obviously wait till they are close to ripe before having a nibble as they haven’t touched any of the young cobs.  
The answer I think must be by smell.  Ripening fruit and veg give off ethylene, and I’d imagine that must give them a distinctive smell.  So I recon that the culprit is only nibbling at the cobs that smell ‘ripe’.
So I’m now thinking that maybe another form of deterrent is to disguise the smell of the ripening cobs with something even smellier, like garlic.  So recon I’ll make some garlic paste tonight too.


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