Posted by: sweetpea | September 21, 2005

Those mice are in for a nasty shock..

Last week I blogged about my sweetcorn, and how I’m trying to protect it from being eaten by anything other than me.
I’ve already put some plastic bottle guards around the bottoms of some of the plants, and was leaving the rest as a control to see if the plastic works as a deterrent.
Last night I noticed that a couple of the corns had been nibbled a little, obviously the mice/rats testing to see if they were ready for eating. I checked them all, and in total 3 had been nibbled and they were all on plants without any plastic guards.  I’m not entirely sure whether it’s a coincidence or whether the plastic is actually keeping them off.
A while ago I’d found some non-chemical pesticide recipes used in Africa on the web.  They contained various parts of plants including chillies.  These were aimed at insect pests, but I got to thinking that chilli might be an effective deterrent to rodents.
Last night I set about mixing some wallpaper paste with some chopped scotch bonnet chillies, and tonight I will be painting my corn with the mixture in the hope it will give the rodents a nasty shock next time they try and nibble.
I’m tempted to paint them all, but I also want to see if the plastic does work so I’ll have to leave a couple without the chilli.



  1. presumably you could also ues flour and water instead of wallpaper paste… or was that what you meant?

  2. I meant actual wallpaper paste. You’re right though, I was too tired by the time I got around to doing it so just went for the easy option. I also wasn’t sure how well a water and flour mix would stick around for. I’m hoping that wallpaper paste won’t get washed away too quickly as I won’t be able to reapply next week. If it works, next year I might try flour and water.

  3. … just thinking it’s a bit silly growing your own vegetables if you’re going to add chemicals yourself!

  4. I see your point. But it’s also pointless growing them if something is going to eat them before you do, like what happened last year!
    But you’ve managed to make me feel guilty now so I’m going to try and make some flour and water paste tonight instead, if I can rescue the left over chillies from the bin.
    I thought putting the paste on the outside wouldn’t make a difference as it’s not aiming to kill anything, just deter it. However, thinking about it I don’t actually know what effect the wallpaper paste will have on the plant or things that might come into contact with it.

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