Posted by: sweetpea | October 28, 2005

Lottie news

I went to the lottie for half an hour after work last night to do some tidying up. While I was there I noticed some chavs wondering around, and I’m pretty sure they were up to no good. I left feeling a little uneasy, hoping they steer well clear of my lottie!

I’ve not got much veg in for the winter as I was too disorganized. But what I do have seems to be doing ok. I have beetroot, lettuce, tsatsoi, pak choy, giant spinach (which isn’t very giant yet), Chinese cabbage, and lambs lettuce I think and a few carrots, swede and turnip. I can’t remember what I planted where, and yes I know I should have labelled them, but I forgot and labels tend to get lost anyway. I’ll be able to identify what’s what when they’re a bit bigger. I’m going to try and start some more seedlings off in the cold frame (must remember to get some wood preservative), and have broad beans and garlic to plant out. Might try and get hold of some overwintering onions too.




  1. My garlic is already in and sprouting.

    You might be able to find some oddments of wood preserver if you post a wanted message on Freecycle :o)

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