Posted by: sweetpea | October 31, 2005


Saturday, Steve, Steve, Kim, Nik, Claire and I went foraging in the woods for mushrooms. We found loads, and in the field we thought at least some of them were edible, in fact there was a yellow one that we were sure we’d identified as edible so we collected loads of them to eat later.
After a couple of hours we headed back to Nik’s to properly identify our bounty and then cook any that were edible. Turned out that the yellow ones were Sulphur Tufts, and inedible! Most of the others we failed to make positive identifications on being as they’d started to deteriorate, and the all looked a bit like this and a bit like that! So out of all the fungi we collected we only had 2 shaggy ink caps and some Jews ear that were actually definitely edible.
Not really enough for a meal for one let alone five of us, Claire popped out to get some mushrooms from sainsburies, and Nik russled up a fantastic mushroom croussette (not sure exactly what it was called) and salad. So we spent a lovely evening eating, drinking and chatting 🙂


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