Posted by: sweetpea | December 7, 2005

Who’s a clever bird?

On my way home today I spotted a Jackdaw sitting on a post, he seemed to be up to something but at first I couldn’t work out what. Then walking a bit further on so I was now looking back at the post I could see exactly what he was doing. He was using his feet and beak to pull up a fat ball (the ones you hang out for birds) which was hanging from the post by some string. After being chased off a few times by a pigeon he eventually succeeded in pulling it right up and started to eat it.
You hear about squirrels and members of the tit family doing this kind of thing, but I was surprised to see a Jackdaw doing it, although I guess other members of the crow family are quite intelligent. Did wish I’d had my camera with me so I could have videoed it.


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