Posted by: sweetpea | January 8, 2006

Fantastic surprise

I’ve just got back from having done my trial run to work on the bike, it went ok, slight discomfort on my right side but otherwise should be ok
On the way back I popped by the lottie to check up on things and see what Steve had been up to with his sawing, he’d dropped a couple of hints that I should pop down. I assumed he’d been sawing the branches that came off the tree a while back so it was a fantastic surprise to find what I did.
What I found was not one but TWO compost boxes sitting patiently waiting for me to discover them. They had little white bows on them too which made me smile 🙂  I stood there for a moment with a huge grin on my face, and if I wasn’t the quiet person I am I think I would have been jumping around with joy like I was inside. They looked so professional. I think I now have the best compost boxes at Low moor 🙂 You’ll have to wait until next week for photo’s as I didn’t have the camera on me.


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