Posted by: sweetpea | January 16, 2006

Recycling and Lottie

Sunday morning we popped to Tesco so I could stock up while I had access to the car. We also took all the plastic bottles for recycling; they had been gradually taking over the utility room! That is the only thing with plastic bottles; they’re not that easy to squash down small so tend to take over the place. I noticed while we were there that they now have a cardboard recycling bank too, so at last the council seem to be getting their arse in gear with making it easier for people to recycle, although they could do with getting the banks emptied more often.
I’m going to have to put up a notice in the kitchen about recycling once I’ve sorted out where people can put the various things. That is the only problem with recycling; you need plenty of space to store the various things until you take them to wherever. Now I have proper compost boxes at the lottie, I’m also going to try and get organised with composting kitchen waste too.

After a quick lunch we headed to the lottie so I could show mum my new compost boxes. We moved my old compost heap into one of the boxes, I did a little shovelling but had to give up after a while and let mum finish while I went around and cut back all the dead wild flowers I have. Where the old compost was should now be pretty fertile, so I think I’ll plant squashes there this year. I harvested the remaining beetroot, and was quite surprised it hadn’t rotted. As we were leaving my next door neighbour asked if I’d like some parsnips. So we had mashed potatoes and parsnips with Salmon and broccoli last night 🙂

The lottie in winter looking a little on the messy side, but that’s how it should be 🙂

My fantastic new compost boxes 🙂



  1. Oo there’s a missing part on your compost boxes – you need to tie a loop of rope across the two uprights at the front – otherwise as the compost settles it will cause them to splay out and the front boards to fall out (did you spot you can slide them out to get access to the box?)

  2. OK, yes I had noticed. They are very similar to a compost box I made at school. I shall look into finding some suitable rope for the job.

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