Posted by: sweetpea | January 17, 2006

Beach photos

I’ve had a rather unfocused day at work today, not having actually done much at all. So I thought I’d post some more piccies, this time from the beach in Rhos-on-sea (I think).
Wasn’t sure which of these I prefer

Same here!

Puffin island and Penmon(lighthouse) in the distance


Some whelks!






  1. Lovely photos sweet-pea! I love seeing other people’s photos, it’s so inspirational! :0)

  2. Great photos again.

    Of the first pair, I’d say the first. In the second, although it’s nicely exposed for the rocks, the sky is just too bright and loses a lot of features. The first has a great exposure on the sky but you’ve not lost the detail of the wood and metal in the foreground – a really nice moody shot.

    Second pair, again the first. The very foreground metal gives a nice frame, but then you get the interest of the repeating pattern travelling into the distance. The second has a good shot of the island, but it doesn’t gel with the framing, and the wood disappearing straight behind the upright distracts you from looking at the main subject – the island.

    I love both the shell pictures. Well spotted!

  3. Ooo, thank U both 🙂
    I was thinking along the same lines as you Stu for the first pair, and the second pair too, although I wasn’t sure whether the island was better placed in the second.
    Must admit my photo’s are cery much hit and miss as I don’t really understand the settings on my camera, I just play around and see what I get 🙂

  4. As long as you have an eye for a good photo (you do), the camera settings are secondary.

    100% of FACT.

  5. 🙂 I do think I have a fairly good eye for good photo’s in terms of composition. But I do wish I could understand the lighting etc. For me it’s all a bit like maths/physics at school, I can follow someone explaining it to me but when it comes to working it out myself I tend to get confused, or it just takes too long! I just don’t seem to have the right kind of braincells for that kind of thing.
    I have a photography book, but I’ve never spent enough time reading it!

  6. Wow! You do have an eye for a piccy! Never noticed that in Sweden as all your piccies looked familiar 😛

    I reckon you should just seize on *one* technical aspect that stu pointed out and just try to keep that in mind for your next few sets of photos – like exposure. Then when you’re comfy with that, pick another aspect.

  7. I shall have to try and pick a handful of Sweden ones to put up. There are some I really like and it’d be nice to share.
    Our Sweden ones were obviously similar because U too have a good eye, U just happened to beat me to the viewpoint each time 😉

    The problem I have with exposure is the numbers! Think maybe I should make up a check card to keep with my camera that I can refer to rather than trying to remember it all.

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