Posted by: sweetpea | January 17, 2006


I realised yesterday that I didn’t blog about Christmas, so better late than never.

I spent Christmas at home with mum, Huw and Rhys. We had Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve; I don’t think we’ve ever eaten it on Christmas day itself!

Christmas day we went for a walk up Foel Goch, a walk we’ve often done at Christmas, no snow this time but there was low lying fog, so it was very atmospheric.

I took some photos of spiders webs which I’m rather proud of. They reminded me of something Andy Goldsworthy would do.

Not a spiders web I know but very pretty.

We visited my cousins another day and stopped in Rhos-on-sea (I think) on the way, so I took some photo’s of the beach and sea.

I think apart from that it was all quite relaxing, lounging around the house or going for short local walks. As usual I was glad to leave though, I love mum but it isn’t good for us to spend too much time together, especially on mum’s territory!



  1. Lovely pics!

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