Posted by: sweetpea | February 20, 2006

Lottie news

What wonderful weather we’re having at the moment, it really feels like spring is here at last 🙂  Somehow the fact that it’s cold outside doesn’t matter when the sun is shinning!

Saturday, I woke up and seeing the lovely sunshine outside, was spurred on to make a packed lunch and head down to the lottie.  The plan was to see how much digging I could manage before my back would start to complain, and then do a couple of other odd jobs in preparation for the work day in March.  I arrived, and after visiting the notice boards to put up info on the next skip dates, and fetching the seed potatoes and onion sets I’d ordered from the store, I got ready to dig.  I decided to stick to digging and weeding a section that I’d dug over last year as it would be easier than starting on un-dug soil.  I managed to do a lot more than I’d expected, my back was aching but it wasn’t painful so bearable enough with regular stretching.

After eating lunch I roped the top of the compost heap to prevent it from splaying out under the weight of compost.  I painted the cold frame with wood preservative, something I should have done ages ago!  Marked out the section I’d like to get dug over this year, not sure if it’s too ambitious for an afternoon’s work in March!  Then I did a bit of weeding in the other beds to make it look a little more presentable 🙂

I noticed that my garlic has finally started to grow, and the beetroot seems to have started sprouting new leaves again.  I wasn’t sure whether I should have left them in over winter, but they seem ok, so hopefully they will now grow to a harvestable size.  There’s still no sign of the Broad beans I planted in Oct/Nov, so maybe I planted them too deep.  Will try planting some more I think and see what happens.  Maybe it’s the rat that is eating the seeds!  Recon I might get in touch with the council to see whether they can do anything about the rats, there seems to be no end of burrows in my plot, although I’m not sure if they are actual rat holes or something else.  I do wonder whether there is any point really in trying to control them as they will just come back eventually!  

Sunday afternoon I spent reading up on fruit trees.  Aldi are selling some cheap fruit trees from this Thursday, so I’m planning on nipping down there Thursday lunchtime to see what they have.  I’m all clued up now on what rootstocks I need to look out for, I don’t want to end up with giant trees!  I want to grow them as cordon’s (apples, pears) or fan’s (apricots…).  The only slight problem is that I will need to construct a wooden and wire framework for them before I can plant the trees, and I know I’m going to need help to do that!  Don’t really want to add it to the list of things to do on the workday as it’s the digging that is most important at the mo’.  But I recon I can still buy the trees and heel them up somewhere for a few weeks.  Might even be able to construct a temporary frame myself which would do until I can persuade someone to help with the proper frame.  Also need to work out where N, S, W and E are at the lottie!  Kind of wish I could cut down next doors Eucalyptus tree as it creates quite a bit of shade in my plot at the moment, but they’re Australian so I’m guessing they might be attached to it!


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