Posted by: sweetpea | February 21, 2006

more lottie thoughts….

Been thinking more about fruit trees and have decided to create a wildflower orchard on the back half of my lottie, along with a pond somewhere in the vicinity of where the greenhouse is at the moment.  There is so much bindweed in that area that I think digging it all up and creating a pond in its place might be the easiest option.  

Every year I have thought about buying fruit trees, but I keep wondering whether I’ll still be here to benefit when they start producing fruit.  If I’d bought them in the first year, then the answer would have been yes!  Being as the ones at Aldi will be really cheap compared to what I’ve seen online, and if they are on suitable rootstocks, I recon it’ll be worth buying a couple, you never know I may well be around to sample the first fruits 🙂  


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