Posted by: sweetpea | February 27, 2006

Nik’s birthday walk….

Saturday was Nik’s Birthday walk and party.  After kitting myself out I cycled to the end of the road to wait for Kim.  It was very windy, so by the time we arrived at Nik’s we already felt as if we’d had a workout!  Claire, Nik, Kim, Suzanne, Rob and I all squeezed ourselves into Claire’s small car and headed out of York towards Helmsley.  Nik had picked a fantastic walk, plenty of ups and downs to work up a sweat and to realize just how out of practice and unfit I’d got!  It was so muddy, would have been perfect for pigs, but for us it was a mater of slipping and sliding, trying to stay upright, which I think we all managed except I had a momentary lapse in concentration, managing to save myself from a muddy arse by sticking my arm out.  Thankfully I don’t think the others noticed 🙂  After the mud came the rain, hail and gale force winds.  We all ended up with rather numb faces, in fact Kim was having trouble talking at one point, and I had to keep turning away from the wind in order to breathe!  Walking along the top of the cliff was loads of fun, trying to keep in a straight line. Luckily the wind was blowing in the right direction so none of us ended up over the edge!  We did some titanic type poses leaning into the wind, would have been a great photo, but it was too cold to bother trying to find my camera.  

We were all so relieved to eventually make it back down to the car and warm up.  Headed over to Lossie and Gareths for a quick cuppa and cake before heading back to Nik’s to shower and relax, eat camembert fondue, carrot and chickpea soup, and cheesecake before the party started.  As always, Nik’s party was good, but from what I’ve heard I think I left just as it was starting to get going, but I knew I was starting to get irritable and grumpy from tiredness!  



  1. Aches are good, as long as they’re not accompanied by twinges!

    By “sorted itself out” do you mean the doorbell is finally dead? 🙂

  2. there were a few twinges, but they seem to have gone now, so no harm done. I hadn’t realized that it was my first afro-cuban since the accident, would have taken it easier if I had!

    re doorbell..heheh..I have no idea, but I haven’t heard it since so hopefully yes 🙂

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