Posted by: sweetpea | March 2, 2006

I did it :-)

I was very proud of myself last night.  


Because I gave my talk on composting in front of more than 30 people (I recon), and by my standards it was a success.  I managed not to have an anxiety attack beforehand, in fact I didn’t feel anxious at all, and I only experienced slight nerves when I arrived at the venue and waited for my turn to speak.  In terms of the presentation itself, I know I probably spoke too fast even though I did put in breaks between topics.  Also not convinced that everyone at the back heard me, but that’s always going to be a problem I have.  I made sure I looked at the audience often, and tried not to read from my notes too much.  It was great having people ask questions at the end, and being able to answer most of them.

Teaching salsa has definitely helped more than I realised.  I think it has got me used to standing in front of an audience and speaking, even if Steve does most of the speaking in the class 🙂  The fact it was for an allotment group helped as I think I felt more amongst friends, although I was a little worried that I was just telling them stuff they already knew.

Oh! And did I mention that there were also a couple of cute guys in the front row 😉


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