Posted by: sweetpea | March 6, 2006

Sunny days :-)

Sunday morning, I woke up bright and early, ready for a walk.  Early nights are definitely worthwhile; I managed to do a load of laundry before Annabel arrived to pick me up.  After picking up Ling and meeting the others in Sainsburies, we headed out towards the Moors, and the ‘Hole of Horcum’.  

The walk was perfect, really beautiful scenery, made all the more picturesque by the sunshine and snow.  I think we did about 4 miles, which for my back was just right; it had just started to ache by the end.  Had a little bit of a snowball fight with Ferdy (Annabel’s son), who did really well to keep up with us and finish the walk.  I actually think he probably did about 4.5 miles with all the running around he did!  We all headed back to Nik’s for hot cross buns and tea afterwards, I think I must have had 3 as I was so hungry 🙂

I should have spent the rest of the afternoon resting, but instead, inspired by Steve’s move, I decided to do a bit more clearing out/tidying myself.  I sorted through 4 boxes, condensing them down to 1 and a shoe box, cleared my desk, sorted out things that could go to the lottie shed, and things that can be sold or freecycled.  I also sorted my seed potatoes out, placing the ‘rose’ end up in shoe boxes so they can ‘chitt’.  This year I’m trying Red Duke of York, Kestrel, King Edward (I think, forgot to label this bag when I bought them!), and Golden Wonder.  Can’t remember which are the earlies, from looking at them I’d guess its Kestrel.

So all in all a fantastically satisfying weekend 🙂


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