Posted by: sweetpea | March 10, 2006


I’ve just ordered some raspberry canes for the lottie 🙂  I decided against fruit trees because it would be years before they produce any fruit, but I wanted to grow some sort of fruit.  I have a plentiful supply of blackberries on site, didn’t want blackcurrants or gooseberries as they would need cooking. So raspberries seemed the most obvious alternative.  I shall purchase some strawberry plants later, and I may also buy a blueberry bush too.  
The good thing with all of these is that they would be much easier to take with me if I move as opposed to a fruit tree.



  1. Get some Cherries on dwarf stock, they will fruit really quickly.

    We havee a small orchard on our allotment with 4 apple 3 pear a plum and cherry. We have a bunch of soft fruit such as Raspberry and goosberries.

    This year I am going to plant Remontant Strawberries as they are really hardy and can even fruit in winter under a cloche. Plus yo can plant them anytime of year even in partial shade.

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