Posted by: sweetpea | March 24, 2006

Lottie plans

Weather permitting I’m planning on spending Sunday at the lottie.  The plan is to get some more digging done, and whilst giving my back a rest, erecting the latest greenhouse I’ve acquired.  If I get this up, the next thing is sowing some seeds, not sure which yet, and planting onion sets.  Must remember not to leave seed packets in my shed as last time I looked something had been busy feasting on the green manure seeds I’d left there overwinter.  Also need to check what I’ve got in terms of fleece as I’ve found a design for cloches on Allotments4all that seems pretty straightforward to make.  Will also put down the weed membrane Sue gave me.

If the weather is too wet then I think I’ll use the time to read up on lasagna gardening and growing conditions for the veg I’m planning on growing this year.

Also need to get the rest of the bed base indoors as I was out in my pj’s this morning trying to put some plastic underneath the boxes so it wouldn’t get damp from the rain.  Don’t think I should risk leaving it in the garage much longer!


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