Posted by: sweetpea | March 27, 2006

Road trip to Rome

Friday evening we had a quick planning meeting for our planned trip to Italy in June.  At the moment it’s going to be Kim, Suzanne, Niall and me with a possibility of Steve if he can get the time off work.  At the moment it looks like we will be there on my Birthday and being as it’s my 30th it’ll make it even better.  I had wondered whether to do anything special, but now it looks like I’ll be celebrating in Rome.  

The plan is to travel by train (although I think we’re still considering whether it might be cheaper to hire a big car) through France, possibly stopping at a couple of places en route.  Then heading to Milan to hopefully check out Tropical Gem/Swing Guys, then via Florence (Suzanne wants to show us where she used to live) to finish off in Rome.  We’ll meet up with Hania and Gianluca and some of the others who plan on coming over for a long weekend in the sun.

I’m going to try and leave most of the planning to Kim and Suzanne as then I’ll avoid being too organised! Although I’m getting itchy fingers at the moment wanting to check stuff out 🙂



  1. 30th in Rome? Very exciting!

    My dad just drove down through France to Italy and said it was really boring – except for Switzerland which was exciting but expensive.

    So the train might be a good idea 🙂

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