Posted by: sweetpea | March 27, 2006

Sunday at the lottie

Sunday I woke up bright and fairly early, looked out the window onto a somewhat sunny morning and went downstairs to make breakfast.  I sat eating my porridge watching the birds in the garden thinking I’d get to the allotment soon after 10.  That was until I realised that I hadn’t yet changed the clocks, and therefore had woken a whole hour later than I thought, so I didn’t get to the allotment till just before 12 in the end.  Just early enough to catch the store open and borrow the staple gun to put up the AGM notices I’d prepared.

I was definitely slightly ambitious in my Friday blog, as is usually the case when going to the lottie.  I always seem to forget to factor in the rest breaks needed in between tasks, and the diminishing energy levels as the hours pass!  So Sunday afternoon I started with some digging, turning over a patch I’d dug over in the autumn and sown winter tares (green manure).  I decided to use the weed suppressant material Sue gave me to create a footpath along the outside edge of the bed, so that took some work. In the end it didn’t look as if I’d done an awful lot of actual digging, but my back knew it had done enough!

Apart from digging, I also planted some seeds, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, kohl rabi, and turnip, and put them in the cold frame.  And I heeled in the raspberry canes that arrived on Saturday.  I wanted to plant them in the back end of the lottie, but on reading how far apart they need to be spaced I’m not sure I’m going to be able to do the digging required quick enough so I may have to plant them in one of the beds I already have and maybe move them at a later date.

Despite having planned a quiet night in, I ended up having a lovely soak in the bath, a quick bite to eat and then off to city screen with Natalie to see ‘Transamerica’.  Great film about a transsexual taking a road trip with the son she’s just found she has (although he doesn’t know it’s his dad until later).  


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