Posted by: sweetpea | March 31, 2006

Sowing seeds

I was a wee bit disappointed last night not to be going to see Salsa Celtica in Leeds, but being as I’d been having a rough day I figured I wouldn’t enjoy it.  

Instead I put some music on at home and planted some seeds 🙂 Gustav watching with interest.  He made me promise that I would plant some tomatoes outside in pots like Paul did last year; in exchange I get to put my seed trays everywhere!  

I planted 2 types of tomato (‘Gardener’s delight’ ‘Marmande’), 2 types of pepper (‘Granny smith’ and I can’t remember the other except it was an F1 hybrid), 2 types of Aubergine (‘Mohican’ ‘Black beauty’), 2 types of Courgette (can’t remember their names but one is yellow and I think the other is green), Butternut squash, and West Indian Pumpkin.  I have a funny feeling that I should have planted the latter two in bigger pots, but we’ll see, they might be OK to start off with, might just need transplanting sooner.

Oh, and I bought some lemongrass in tesco last night, apparently it’s possible to grow it from the sticks, so I’m going to give it a go and see what happens.


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