Posted by: sweetpea | April 3, 2006

A weekend down the lottie….

Friday night I stayed in for a change, mainly because Kim wasn’t going to the social so it was going to take a little more effort on my part to actually get across town. I figured I couldn’t be bothered cycling or catching the bus, so spent the evening watching a few programmes I don’t normally get to see. Gardeners World has started again; they’re doing a trial with chitted and non-chitted potatoes, so that will be interesting to follow.

Apart from being a couch potato on Friday night I also made the decision to spend Saturday at the lottie in addition to Sunday as originally planned. So Saturday morning, after a bowl of porridge, I headed over to the lottie.

The first job was to try and assemble the second walk-in greenhouse frame I acquired through ‘freecycle’. This one was in better condition than the first and had its cover with it. Unfortunately I had no instructions! I started by sorting the various bits into groups, I left the connectors on as I figured they might be useful in working out where bits went and general shape. I noticed a few pieces with wire bits sticking out and other pieces with slits in them and figured they must fit together. Then I tried visualising the layout, this is where my GCSE in tech drawing came in handy! Gradually it took shape, but I was finding some connectors missing and there seemed to be these short pieces with no home. I then remembered the shelves that had come with it and wondered if the short sections had anything to do with them. So I swapped some of the connectors around and built a stand for the shelves. There still seems to be bits missing, I don’t know whether they are actually missing or whether I’ve not put it together correctly! I should however be able to find enough bits from the other frame to use, so fingers crossed I will eventually have one greenhouse 🙂

With a little visualisation a pile of rods became…….

……. an almost complete greenhouse frame! (just noticed I chopped a bit off the top!)

The cover is almost intact but does need a bit of a repair job in places. I think I need to find some kind of waterproof tape to do that job. Having decided that I’d need to retrieve pieces from the other frame at home I decided it was time to stop for lunch.

After lunch it was down to some digging in amongst dashing to the shed to avoid the showers. I managed to clear a fair bit before deciding that I should probably plant my raspberry canes properly before my back started complaining too much. So I dug over the bed and moved the rosemary and a few other plants to another section. Dug a trench, put some compost/manure and a bit of blood fish and bone in the bottom. Forked it in and planted one row of raspberries, before repeating the whole process on the other side of the bed. I know I’ve planted the rows too close but it’s only a temporary measure for this year. Hopefully I’ll be moving them in the Autumn/next Spring to a purpose built bed in the sun 🙂

Having finished with the raspberries I decided it was time to head home, no point overdoing it especially when I hoped to be back Sunday with some extra pairs of hands.

Sunday morning I set off for the lottie, arriving just before 10am to open up the store. Spent 2 hours mainly reading up on veggies in the sun outside and serving a handful of customers. At 12 I locked up and headed over to my plot, sitting in the shed to eat lunch before making a start on more digging! Of course the lovely sunshine we had in the morning was now rapidly being replaced with increasingly heavy showers! Normally I probably would have packed up and headed home, rain kind of makes digging harder, but I was expecting some volunteers to turn up at any minute so I stuck at it, and it really wasn’t that bad in between the showers.

Ling arrived first followed by Steve G, Niall and Suzanne. I gave them all a pair of gloves and a tool and set them to work. I know I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to weeding, especially when it’s couch grass. I didn’t feel I could expect my helpers to be as thorough so I just made a point of saying that the most important thing to remove was the couch grass roots and big clumps of grass, anything else could be left. When I create the actual beds and come to planting it will be easy enough for me to give it a quick fork over and remove any missed bits 🙂

It did make me realise that there are things that seem so obvious to you and make so much sense, but to someone who isn’t familiar with the subject they don’t seem to register. Could be quite frustrating, although I will admit that maybe I didn’t explain clearly enough so will have to be clearer next Sunday. It was really nice to have help though, and the digging is the worst bit for my back, so it doesn’t matter too much if I have to re-do a little of the weeding in places. Considering the weather I was really impressed that people turned up, at one point all 5 of us squeezed into the shed to shelter. Hope it doesn’t rain next weekend as I don’t think we’ll get everyone in there. We headed home at 4ish so we had plenty of time to get ready for the evenings salsa workshops.

Before the gang arrived……

…the end of a hard afternoons work 🙂

The advanced Salsa workshop was really good, I’d meant to do the warming up exercises Irene Miguel taught us the previous week, but forgot! So my balance was rather dodgy as it always is in class, better when actually freestyling. I went flying at one point but managed to save myself from landing an my bottom 🙂 It was really good having the practice session at the end too just to try and troubleshoot the routine. We’ve got some new people in the class too, but still a good balance of leaders and followers so more people to dance with on the dance floor 🙂

Just remembered I was going to mention ‘Strictly dance fever’ on Saturday night. It was the auditions and boy did it make me think ‘we sure can dance up here in York’ 🙂



  1. Thought I’d post a quick update on the greenhouse. I found a picture on the web of what I think is the same greenhouse I have and it seems I have assembled it correctly and that there are in fact some pieces missing! Shouldn’t be a problem though.–>

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