Posted by: sweetpea | April 5, 2006

Another installment of going green..

I watched ‘It isn’t easy being green’ again last night, just a half hour slot this time and I thought that was a pity because somehow it lost something in the shorter program.  They spent far too much time at the ‘big green event’ thing making fairies!  There were a few interesting things though.  The solar shower was quite a cool idea although I’m not sure how that would work in the winter, I can’t imagine they’ll be wanting to take many showers outdoors, and I wouldn’t have thought they’d get enough sunshine to heat the water.  But maybe I missed something, could be that it is only intended as a summer thing.
They also built a greenhouse with some kind of heat exchange the father had invented, involving blowing hot air from the top down into a pit of recycled glass chippings.  Then during the night the glass releases heat into the greenhouse.  Great idea if it works, but I did wonder whether there would be sufficient heat generated on a winters day to provide enough heat overnight, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.
The 2 pigs they had were very cute. I’m not sure whether I would be able to raise pigs and then eat them, but then I don’t eat pig anyway.  Think chickens would be easier because they’re not so cute, and presumably there would be a shorter period during which to get attached to them 🙂  I guess the first lot would be the toughest, and then you’d just get used to it.  Had thought of having chickens on the allotment but I’d worry that the local youths would find them and torment them, also I don’t think we’re allowed cockerels, don’t know if they are needed for egg laying.


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