Posted by: sweetpea | April 10, 2006

Allotment day take2!

Sunday morning I woke up to sunshine and had high hopes for a great day at the lottie with friends. By the time I left the house at 10 it was rather less sunny and looking a lot more like it did on Saturday.

I was at the lottie by 10.30, fetching the tools I was borrowing from the store, and starting to work on the first new bed. I wanted to try and finish it by the time people arrived so they could see what I was aiming for. By the time Steve arrived I’d got as far as starting to put down one of the paths. My plan is to create paths in between the beds using a layer of newspaper, and then the membrane Sue gave me. I will eventually edge the beds with wood, and maybe cover the paths in woodchip or similar if I can get any free from somewhere.

Steve G was next to arrive, and then Ling and Caroline. I set them all to work digging while I finished off the final path. Niall, Annabel and Ferdy arrived a while later, and then finally Claire. We got loads done, including a few barrow runs to the skip, and cutting down an overhanging branch from next doors eucalyptus tree. The lads lugged 3 wooden pallets from the car park to the plot so I can break them down and use them as edging material.

The weather wasn’t too bad, a little bit of rain, and a few hail showers, but otherwise dry. We had a bit of a snowball fight with Ferdy, and he planted some red onions for me. I really like Ferdy, it’s doing me some good spending time with him as usually I’m no good with children, never know what to say to them. But Ferdy is a little chatterbox and is so confident, very easy to get along with, so feeling a little more confident, especially since I’ve offered to help out with the kid’s allotment occasionally 🙂

By about 4ish we started to pack up and head home, the lads to practice their boy routine and the girls for a long bath and rest. Annabel had invited us all around for food later, I was so glad because I knew my back wasn’t going to like cooking after all that digging! So good food and good company at Annabel’s was a fantastic end to a fantastic weekend.

I am so lucky to have such a great bunch of friends 🙂

Caroline working hard

Annabel deciding which weed to tackle next

One minute it’s sunshine….

….the next it’s hailing!

The end results of a long and hard days work.


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