Posted by: sweetpea | April 10, 2006

Farndale daffodil walk

You can’t help but fall in love with them 🙂

Saturday morning Annabel, Natalie, Ferdy, Eda, Annabel’s mum, a friend and I set off for Farndale to do the daffodil walk. Weather was pretty good to start off with although it was very muddy underfoot, and Eda ended up on her arse at one point! We sheltered by a wall to eat lunch, and were entertained by 2 very curious lambs who came to look at us, both obviously bleating ‘you go first’, ‘no, you go first’ to each other, we were obviously far to interesting to just leave unexplored!

Walking through a farm, and rounding a corner we were confronted with a black cloud and what looked like rain, except it was actually hailing!

Luckily it was only a shower, even if it was rather a painful one! We stopped for a quick cup of hot chocolate in the daffy café before making our way to the riverside walk and the daffodils.

They were only starting to open as Spring has come late this year, but they were so pretty. Daffodils are one of my favourite flowers, and not just because I’m Welsh! Wild daffodils are so much nicer than domesticated ones, I shall have to try and get hold of some bulbs for the allotment next year. We got caught in another hail shower in the woods and it was amazing how strong the smell of the wild garlic became afterwards, not sure I’ll be getting any of that for the allotment!

I wish I’d had more time to take photo’s and really think of the composition etc. but it was cold, and I didn’t want to hold the group up. Quite pleased with the ones I did take though 🙂

Wish I’d moved the bud from the bottom left corner!



  1. Lovely compositions of the flowers. This sorry soul is inclined to ask if you’d teach him about allotments…

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