Posted by: sweetpea | April 12, 2006

First earlies

Despite my neck and back still aching a little last night I went to the lottie on my way home to plant my first earlies.  I dug a trench first, placed some grass clippings in the bottom, then a layer of wet newspaper, a layer of leaf mulch, and then my seed potatoes on top.  Then I filled it in and mounded the extra soil in the middle between the 2 rows.  Ideally it should have looked like 3 banked up rows with 2 trenches in between, but my bed isn’t wide enough to allow that without soil spilling over the edge onto the path.  It was a hell of a lot of work, so I’m not sure yet whether I’ll go to the same effort with the other 3 lots of potatoes.  It will be worth it though if I get a better crop than last year.

‘It’s hard work being green’ was pretty average again last night. I was impressed with how much veg they’d harvested, although I think their success was in part due to the fact they’d bought their plants and bought a lot of compost to grow them in.  But I guess they had to do it that way to start with.  Next week should be interesting because they’re learning how to produce bio-diesel.


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