Posted by: sweetpea | April 19, 2006

Lottie update

Sunday morning I left mum’s in the rain, and after 3 train changes (usually only 1!) arrived home in York at 3.30pm to find glorious sunshine akin to a summers day. So there was only one thing for it. I dumped my suitcase at home, quickly changed and headed down to the lottie to make the best of the weather. Spent almost 2hrs digging and preparing the second potato bed, I got as far as putting down 2 of the 3 path edges.

Bed 1 and the beginnings of bed 2

Jack and Naree were busy constructing some wooden structures next door, should have asked what they were for, did hear mention of cucumber so maybe it’s some form of shelter for them. Little Hamish (think he’s 2) kept coming over to show me things. He’s so sweet, and so much more confident than last time I saw him in the Autumn. I haven’t quite got the hang of talking to toddlers, never quite sure if they understand me!

Monday I headed down to the lottie again to carry on what I started Sunday. Steve G joined me after a while, and while he was busy digging and battling his way through a particularly rampant patch of couch grass, I finished the paths around the second bed and planted my second earlies, think it was ‘Kestrel’ this time. Steve C arrived a while later and although it turns out he hadn’t planned on staying, he helped half sort out yet another branch that has come down from next doors tree. He also got the furnace thing going and burnt a fair bit of last years grass and the eucalyptus, rather nice smelling it was too, although burning stuff is like going to the pub, you always end up smelling!

Another branch down!

I was working hard too, but someone had to take photos!

My garlic growing nicely


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