Posted by: sweetpea | April 25, 2006

Lottie update

I spent Sunday at the lottie; it was such a lovely day I couldn’t think of anywhere better to be 🙂

My mission for the day was to finish planting my potato tubers, so I started with digging over a bed to put the ‘King Edwards’ in. This wasn’t too hard as it was the bed that Caroline had been digging a few weeks back, all I had to do was go over it again and remove all the couch grass roots she somehow missed! Have planted 3 rows of ‘King Edwards’, although I’m a bit worried that I’m going to have difficulty earthing up the middle row without treading on the bed, but I guess I can use the rake. I was using the method of digging a trench then putting a layer of grass clippings then newspaper then leafmould, then the seed potatoes. I’d heard this tip on gardeners world, except when I read my notes last night I realised that I’d got the grass and leaves the wrong way around! I wonder if it will matter.

Next on the agenda was removing the couch grass that was encroaching on the bed I was intending to use for my final lot of potatoes. Once I’d finished clearing it, I set about using a trowel to plant the seed potatoes, this time ‘Golden Wonder’. Didn’t bother with the trench method this time as it was too much hard work, and this batch will give me an idea of whether or not it is worth making the effort next year.

King Edwards in the front and Golden Wonder behind.

In between digging I sawed 2 pieces of branch to create replacement bits for the greenhouse. I was then able to complete the assembly of the greenhouse frame. Now all I have to do is repair the cover! I started by using a brush to try and remove the dirt, and then decided that it was probably a job to do at home. One of the doorway zips is knackered so I think I’ll have to reinforce the plastic with tape and then use a system of ties to close it. There are also a few more tears in it, but I think it’s all fixable, just have to find time to do it now! Recon I might leave it out on the line next time it is forecasting rain to see if it will clean it better.

The lottie sure is starting to take shape now 🙂

Before I left the lottie I checked on my brassica seedlings, giving them a good watering and noticing how warm the cold frame is, probably why there appears to be an ant nest under it! I also picked the first of my leeks, some winter spinach and some chard, which I had for tea together with some of last years potato harvest, and some free-range chicken (bought unfortunately) 🙂

First harvest of the year.

Last night I planted my squash seeds, I’m trying 6 varieties this year, hope there is enough room on the unused half of the plot for them all! I also planted some pea seeds in toilet rolls, this year blocking the bottom with some newspaper so hopefully they won’t fall apart too much like they did last year. I also potted up the 2 lemongrass sticks I’ve been trying to root. One has already rooted so hopefully it will survive at least.

Realised I haven’t reported progress on other seeds I planted a couple of weeks ago:

  • Courgettes ; 100% germination for both types
  • West Indian Pumpkin: almost 100% germination
  • Butternut squash: no sign of them yet.
  • Tomatoes: almost 100% germination for both types
  • Aubergines: ‘Black beauty’ almost 100% germination, and ‘Mohican’ is just starting to germinate now
  • Peppers: No sign of germination yet
  • Herbs: all have germinated to differing degrees, but should have enough of each type
  • Sweet peas: poor germination so far, but I know they can take a while and the seeds are quite old so probably won’t get 100%
  • Echinacea: no sign of them yet.

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