Posted by: sweetpea | April 27, 2006

Boat lady

I’ve just been to see a lovely lady living on a boat.  She responded to my plea on freecycle for some willow canes, so lunchtime I decided to go and pick them up.  I had no idea how many there would be and how I was going to transport them, but figured I’d manage somehow.  I arrived at the boat and found that there was quite a large bundle. I managed to balance them on my bike and set off on the walk over to the allotment along the river.  I’m amazed I made the journey without any huge mishaps, a few times the bundle almost fell off but as I’d thought to try and tie the heavy end to the saddle they didn’t get very far 🙂  By the time I arrived at the allotment car park the bundle was beginning to fall apart so I abandoned my bike and carried them the reminder of the way by hand.

So I now have a bundle of willow to use.  Not sure I’ll be able to use them exactly as I’d wanted as they look fairly old and therefore probably not as bendy, but another freecycler suggested I head to the river with some secateurs, so can get some fresh canes when ready.  Might try making some kind of lattice frame for growing my peas up.



  1. I wonder if they would soften up if you soak them in water for a while just before you use them?

  2. Oh, that’s a good idea, and it’s reminded me that I’m sure I’ve seen on telly sometime that heating wood makes it more pliable.
    Will see how bendy it is later.

  3. oo, sarah beat me to it… reckon that will have the advantage that when they dry they will be a bit more rigid than if they were really fresh

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