Posted by: sweetpea | May 2, 2006

Repairing the greenhouse

Saturday afternoon I set about trying to repair the plastic cover for the greenhouse.  Apart from a few tears hear and there, the main job was the repair to the doorway, the zip has totally come away on one side.  First I tried to clean around the tears as best I could, then I taped up the tears with gaffer tape.  For the entrance I’m going to use a couple of layers of gaffer tape and then make holes so as to use ties to close the door.  I’ve still to tape the other side of all the tears before I can put it over the greenhouse frame.  I shall put a photo up once I’ve finished the job.

Apart from that and some more digging and weeding I didn’t do a lot at the lottie over the weekend.  I checked on the rhubarb and it’s started to elongate, so I may still get my forced rhubarb 🙂 My peas have just started appearing at home as are the squash seeds I planted.  The tomato and courgette seedlings are coming on well, and I think a few of the pepper seeds have finally germinated 🙂  I’ve also received yet more melon seeds in the post to try, so I expect they will all be going in the greenhouse.  I think I might try and create a semi-greenhouse for the peppers and aubergine as I have plenty of plastic I could use.  Something that would provide them with shelter and allow rainwater in.

Someone’s put a proper greenhouse up on freecycle, I suspect it has already been taken, and I think it’s a bit too far out of York to go and collect, but I emailed the guy just in case anyway.  Funny really, just as I’m finishing repairing the one I have an even better sounding one comes up!  Although mine will be moveable.


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