Posted by: sweetpea | May 8, 2006

A sunny day down at the lottie

Looking at the weather forecast for the weekend on Friday, I decided to go down to the lottie on the Saturday rather than the usual Sunday to try and avoid the rain. What a brilliant decision that was, Saturday turned out to be a gloriously sunny day and Sunday was showers. I was caught out a little on Saturday though, I wasn’t expecting it to be sunny so didn’t take any sun cream with me; consequently I ended up with slightly burnt back and shoulders.

I started off by uncovering one of last years beds and digging it over to incorporate the compost/manure I’d spread over it in the autumn, and to remove any stray roots etc. Also started to expand the bed towards the edge of the plot, finding quite a lot of bindweed roots in the process. This will be my bean and pea bed this year, and I think I’ll try some spinach too as it should be quite shaded between the crops. Steve G arrived to help for a while, carrying on with digging the bed I’d started on Friday. I also planted some white onions, shallots, carrots, Swiss chard, and parsnips. With the parsnips I’m trying the method of creating a deep hole, filling it with compost and then sowing the seed in this, so hopefully I’ll get some nice straight parsnips this year so long as I can keep the rodents away!

On Friday after work I also finished repairing the greenhouse cover. Steve G helped me to put it over the frame, so I now have a greenhouse of sorts 🙂 Perfect for growing the melons I sowed yesterday. I’m trying 5 different varieties, and as I’ve planted 2 seeds of each, if they all germinate I’ll try one outside and the other inside the greenhouse for comparison..

The melon varieties I’m trying are:

  • ‘Minnesota midget’
  • ‘Blacktail Mountain’ Watermelon
  • ‘Ananas d’Amerique a Chair Verte’
  • ‘Collective Farm Woman’
  • Petit Gris de Rennes

I also sowed Borage, and 2 marigold varieties ready for attracting beneficial insects.

I transplanted my courgette and West Indian Pumpkin seedlings into larger containers, and investigated the lack of butternut squash activity. I uncovered the seeds and found that all but one of them have just germinated, the radicle just poking out of the seed, so I replanted them, this time in larger pots so I don’t have to transplant them again. My tomato seedlings aren’t looking that healthy but I’m not sure why.

And I almost forgot to mention that Owen next door has finally climbed the Eucalyptus and cut down the offending branch plus the rest of that trunk so hopefully that will be the end to falling branches on my plot, and a little less shade 🙂


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